LinkedIn tests in-app Scheduling Tool

So, here is what’s happening on LinkedIn. 

Similar to other Social Media platforms, LinkedIn is also working on developing an in-app scheduling tool.

Recently, Instagram also began testing its native scheduling tool. And now, LinkedIn has also started with the tests.

Presently, social media managers have to use third-party applications like – Hootsuite, Buffer etc. to schedule posts on their LinkedIn profiles.

App Analyzer Nima Owji shared the news about the upcoming feature. 

A clock-like icon will appear on the below-left corner of your post-composing screen.

Moreover, SocialMediaToday asked the comapny about the same, and they confirmed:

“We are working to bring native post scheduling to members and pages soon. Stay tuned for updates on future rollout plans.” 

This can be a super helpful feature as it is a little annoying to switch platforms for different activities.

An in-built scheduling tool will indeed have more potential as it will provide more convenience to monitor your posts. Other than that, it will also give a better picture of what the post will look like once it goes live.

In any case, this feature will help increase efficiency by saving a lot of time. Plus, it will also eliminate the need to create multiple accounts on third party social media managers.

It will cause less confusion and provide more clarity.

There isn’t much information available right now, but LinkedIn is working on this feature, which may be taken into account while designing your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

It could be worthwhile paying closer attention to the engagement opportunities in the app.