Twitter introduces new Ad Targeting Options

Recently, Twitter unveiled some new ad targeting choices, which resemble its current ad goals in appearance but differ significantly.

These will drive mid- to lower-funnel results for advertisers and improve relevance for people on Twitter: Website Conversions Optimization, Dynamic Product Ads, and Collection Ads.

Advertisers can now target their promos to users who are more likely to take particular activities in response, which is the first update inside its “Conversions” objective.

“Identify a specific goal beyond the landing page visit: add-to-cart, purchase, leads, or subscribers. Our user-level algorithms will then target with greater relevance, reaching people most likely to meet your specific goal–at 25% lower cost-per-conversion on average, per initial testing. To optimize with behavior from your site, WCO requires use of the Twitter Pixel or Conversion API (CAPI).”

You can broaden your emphasis to include users who are more likely to take activities when they click on your ad rather than merely those who are likely to do so, such as:

  • Add-to-cart
  • Purchase
  • Input contact information
  • Subscribe

The only additions are users who might subscribe or give their contact information, which is probably not the main focus of most Twitter advertising.

Additionally, Twitter has introduced “Dynamic Product Ads,” which let marketers “showcase the most relevant product to the right customer at the right moment.”

So that appears to be a substantial change, and it does simplify things a little bit functionally. However, it does not significantly improve your Twitter ad targeting possibilities.

“Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) allow advertisers to showcase the most relevant product to the right customer at the right time to drive sales and conversions.”

Actually, Twitter has been providing a variant of this ad type since 2016, but it recently revised its Dynamic Products Ads targeting to incorporate a more privacy-focused methodology, in order to enhance ad effectiveness with perhaps fewer signals.

The redesigned Collection Ads format, which allows advertisers to post a primary hero image along with smaller thumbnail photos underneath it, is the final new feature that Twitter is introducing.

“Collection Ads are an ad format on Twitter that allows advertisers to showcase a collection of product images through a primary hero image and smaller thumbnail images below it, creating an immersive and visually-forward experience for people on the platform.”

In Conclusion

In essence, these are not brand-new services per such, but they might be freshly accessible to you, which might add more factors to consider when creating Twitter marketing campaigns.

However, this does not decrease their potential worth, and you may be able to leverage these possibilities in a variety of ways to strengthen your Twitter marketing campaigns.

Twitter’s automated audience tools, such as Website Conversions Optimization, may eventually become a lot more valuable offering.

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