Meta offers Marketing Advice in New Social Skills Video Series

Christmas is almost here! And, with that, influencers, marketers, brands, and advertisers are absolutely taking over the entire social media space.

If it’s getting a little too overwhelming for you to manage your social media accounts, then here is some last-minute advice to help you boost your social media tactics this Christmas season!

This can prove to be extremely useful. The most recent episodes of Meta’s interview series “Social Skills” are now streaming. This season of social skills talks about how brands are using personalized ads to find customers, drive sales, and more.

In these episodes, Laurise McMillan, a Meta employee, speaks with top-performing social media marketers to learn about their approaches, strategies, and outcomes in order to help other people benefit from their work.

A variety of essential components for maximizing Facebook and Instagram campaigns are covered in the Social Skills interview series, including:

  1. A/B testing
  2. Audience analytics
  3. Building community
  4. Ad creative tips
  5. Building brand impact
Each episode has a distinct subject area and provides real-world examples of how each brand has used Meta’s tools to advance their careers.

With each session lasting only about four minutes, there are some useful observations and insights here for you to take notes from.

There are always new things to learn, and one of the suggestions shown in these videos may change the way you think about your marketing strategy and may even help you level up your marketing game.

In Conclusion

It’s absolutely worth checking in to see how these brands have achieved success through their Facebook and Instagram strategies, even if it’s just a small modification to boost performance.

All of Meta’s social skills videos, including those from earlier seasons, are available here.