Instagram Developing its own Scheduling Tools

Coming Soon: Instagram is currently working on providing its users with in-app scheduling tools.  
Social Media Managers know this! Managing Facebook posts and Instagram posts, both in the creative studio.

Not sure, if this will make much of a difference, but, you might soon be able to schedule your Instagram Posts, Reels and Stories directly in the app.

Reverse Engineer and tipster, Alessandro Paluzzi, shared a tweet to leak the information.

Instagram’s users have been scheduling their regular IG posts in the Creator Studio, but scheduling Instagram Stories and Reels was not really feasible.

But recently, Meta also announced that it will allow all Instagram Content Publication via third-party management apps. It will also enable third-party applications to schedule reel content as well.

So Instagram content scheduling is anyway possible, but certainly not directly from the app.

This in-app scheduling of all types of Instagram Content within the app itself will prevent the hassle of creating the post at one place and scheduling it on another. 

This will somewhat make the lives of social media managers a bit easier!

The usability is a little questionable for now, as it is already possible to schedule Instagram posts.