Latest on YouTube: Expansion of Data Insights, Creativity on Posts, Easy ‘Shorts’ Search

New: YouTube expands its reach for data on audience’s viewing habits, plans to add creative features on posts, and introduces a new chip to easily search ‘shorts’. 

YouTube is continually growing as a Platform. Recently it launched its New Podcast Destination URL, and now other new features are coming up.

The company has announced that they are now optimizing YouTube Analytics by expanding the reach of its data feature – ‘Other Videos that your audience watched’.

Earlier, only a few eligible creators who met certain data thresholds – a set number of subscribers, definitive watch time, etc., had legitimate access to these features, but now the company has decided to roll this out for more creators and channels.

According to YouTube –


“We’ve talked to creators, and we’ve heard that it can be frustrating when some YouTube analytics features are unavailable due to insufficient data, and we’re happy to announce that we’re bringing the ‘Other videos your audience watched’ feature to more creators who may not have hit previous data thresholds.”

With access to this feature, creators will be able to view what their audience mostly taps into. So, they can track their viewing habits and the latest trends.

Creators will basically get access to the data, i.e. all the videos watched by their target audience segment in the last 7 days.

This will give creators insight on what, other than your content, is your audience tuning into, and take away some key points and inspiration from that content, to increase your engagement on the platform.

Apart from that, it will help creators plan their content, optimize it, and build their overall YouTube Strategy accordingly. 

Moreover, the company is also planning to add filters for easy navigation of the content type i.e. VOD, Shorts, and Live. So let’s say you create LIVE content, most of the time. Through these filters, you will be able to get direct data based on the category you are interested in, that is, LIVE, in this case!

And, it doesn’t end here.

YouTube is also currently working to incorporate some new upgrades to YouTube Posts. With this, creators will be able to make their posts more visual, more engaging, and more fun.

So, this update will allow the creators to add text, filters, and stickers to images for posts directly from the YouTube app. This feature is yet going through tests and is available to a few selected creators (only those who have access to the community tab and are operating on Android) The company has future plans to launch it globally.

Lastly, since shorts are trending across all the major social media platforms, YouTube is introducing a new chip in the mobile app that will let users search solely within Shorts clips as another way to increase Shorts engagement.

This is a very significant update, as most people are now looking for ‘shorts’ content only. With this, YouTubers can also put light on their main channels via shorts.