YouTube Podcast Homepage for users in U.S.

YouTube has added a new homepage dedicated entirely to Podcasts. Currently, the URL is live only in the U.S. 
Podcast Hosting on YouTube!

Yes! Podcasters now have another platform to promote their shows on.  They will now be able to add their shows straight to YouTube.

With Podcasts trending, YouTube is now all set with a page entirely dedicated to Podcasts.

While ruling visual elements, the company is also stepping into the world of audios.

Currently, only a few users have access to this page.

The podcasts that will house in this dedicated podcast space will be linked back to the YouTube channels and the videos. The podcasts can easily be added to this YouTube page via RSS (Really Simple Syndication)

This page is also segregated into categories like – comedy, true crime, sports, music, T.V. and film.

Reports by 9To5Google reveal that this space will include carousels, which can be expanded via “Show all,” for “Popular episodes,” “Popular podcast playlists,” “Recommended,” and “Popular podcast creators.”

The company confirmed the news to TechCrunch+ :

“The podcast destination page on YouTube helps users explore new and popular podcast episodes, shows, and creators, as well as recommend podcast content,” said YouTube spokesperson, Paul Pennigton. “It’s currently available in the U.S. only.”


With a separate page to house podcasts, YouTube is definitely widening its niche and expanding its reach.

This will provide more creators to connect with their audience, especially those who wish to leverage the power of YouTube but hold back due to barriers like being in front of the camera.

As of now, no formal announcement has been made by the company itself. This might be because this page is not released globally yet, but we might soon get official details on the same.

So, in case you reside in the U.S., you can check out,