The “Tweet Edit” Feature, all set to roll on Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue Subscribers will get early access to the ‘EDIT TWEET’ Button! Initial testing of the editing feature on Twitter is all set to roll. 

Tweet Editing has been quite controversial since forever. This is hands down the most requested feature on Twitter.

The company claims that it has been working on the edit option for quite some time now. A few days back, Twitter had introduced explainer notes for embedded tweets.

Plus, Twitter Blue currently also offers the ‘undo tweet’ feature. But, this only allows the users to update their tweet within 60 seconds before it goes public.

However, now it seems like soon the premium Twitter Blue Subscribers will be able to actually make changes to their previously made tweets.

Twitter will finally have an “EDIT BUTTON”? 


Alessandro Paluzzi, an app researcher and programmer, leaked the information while sharing this introductory screenshot given above in a tweet.

Twitter Blue Subscribers will get this benefit, along with the exclusive access to other premium features. 

Earlier, they had also announced a significant price hike from $2.99 per month to $4.99 per month for availing subscription. With the news of the availability of this new “edit your tweet” option, the rise in price somewhat makes sense.

The company is currently testing the new feature with Twitter Blue Users, and might probably roll it out for all its users.

It is yet a little hard to make any comments on what all will this new edit tweet feature allow the users to do. It might come with some restrictions. It might not be exactly what you are expecting. Probably it is something beyond your expectations. 

Still not sure about the value that it will offer, or the extent to which it might entice the users to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

But, this is a brilliant move by Twitter to bring in higher monthly revenue.