Twitter Develops notes explaining edits on embedded Tweets.

New: Twitter has developed some new explainer notes that will be added to embedded tweets that have been edited. 

Twitter has always had a major concern about how edited tweets would change the entire original context of the actual tweet.

Well, it seems like they have cracked how to certainly avoid this, in the embedded tweets at least.

In a recent tweet by Jane Manchun Wong, she shared this with an example –

“Embedded Tweets will show whether it’s been edited, or whether there’s a new version of the Tweet

When a site embeds a Tweet, and it gets edited, the embed doesn’t just show the new version (replacing the old one). Instead, it shows an indicator there’s a new version.” 

You can clearly see the 2 messages –

1. One that says ‘Last edited {Time} {Date}’

2. The other one says ‘There’s a new version of this tweet’

Twitter is still working on new messages that will be added to the tweets that have been edited after being embedded on a third-party site.

Apparently, a lot of techs and back-end work has gone into this, but it is definitely an easy solution to edit tweets that need editing. This additional notes and explainers will be  added to any tweets that are updated, in-app or outside.

Wong had earlier posted that – “Instead of mutating the Tweet text within the same Tweet (same ID), it re-creates a new Tweet with the amended content, along with the list of the old Tweets prior to that edit.”

Appears like, Twitter is not ready to give up on the digital traces of your earlier posts, if you wish to edit. Anyhow, this seems pretty doable and who knows, the edit button might as well, be on its way!