What is this Quirky ‘Little Miss’ theme buzzing all over the internet?

Little Miss Meme: People are highlighting their personality traits, habits, likes, and struggles through these posts.

If you are a “little miss-out” from the “little miss” theme, then here’s all you need to know. 

These are those ‘Fill-in-the-blank” style memes!

As part of a recent trend, book covers for Mr. Men and Little Miss series by English author Adam Hargreaves, which included well-known characters like Mr. Happy and Little Miss Naughty, have been edited and recaptioned to give the famous characters more fancy and hyper-personalized portrayals.

The first ever Little Miss meme is credited to Tumblr user @notyourgaybestie, who published “Little Miss Smokes Too Much Weed” in June 2021, according to the Know Your Meme blog. But @juulpuppy, an Instagram user, posted a carousel of fresh memes in April 2022 and created this bizarre mania.

People are getting super creative with the captions, sharing these cartoons to make fun of ex-boyfriends, reveal their occupations, pent out their emotions, reflect their personalities, and tease their pals.

The #littlemiss meme is raging all over social media with 411K + posts on Instagram and about 60 million views on TikTok.

Would it be fair to say that it is an effective form of emotional catharsis? If not, then it is fun anyway!

Is your “Little Miss Creative” UP yet? If yes, then go create your own ‘Little Miss” meme.