Twitter’s new guide to help businesses and professionals strive on the platform

Certainly, Twitter ignites massive interactions.

For those who are finding it hard to establish themselves on Twitter, here is something super helpful for you!

Twitter has recently released a very practical and handy guide for all businesses and professionals

It entails the course of getting started on Twitter via simple steps.

The guide is backed by strong data, stats and facts, along with some extra convenient tips and tricks to help guide your Twitter Strategy.

It is safe to say that the guide will help those who are just getting started on Twitter, businesses who fail to make the most of the platform and even those who are already doing well.

You can download the complete guide here.

Here’s what’s inside: 

These tips are nothing that you haven’t heard before. However, it is remarkable that they highlight the key aspects that work best, particularly for Twitter – like staying in trend, etc.

Next, we have a really accessible checklist that I really liked. Having it at hand will actually motivate you to take action.

Love how they have paired each point in the checklist with a helpful tip that you can use to grow your presence on the platform.

Each point on the checklist guides you through a clear action that you need to take, with the character or dimension limits that you have to consider.

Then, they provided some invaluable memos on how brands can really connect and interact on Twitter.  This includes some tweet inspiration and ideas that brands can publish.

Additionally, it also gives some important information on how can you make your tweets more accessible, like Capitalizing the first letter of each word in your #hashtags.

You’ll also get an entire page dedicated to Ad Campaigns on Twitter. Twitter has outlined the usefulness of each campaign. This will give you a clarity on deciding which Ad campaign will work the best for your marketing goals.

Finally, there is a how-to for measuring your Twitter success. Brands usually get stuck at this.

Nevertheless, it is a very important part of your Twitter Strategy as it helps you figure out what needs to be done next. 

So for brands who have already made a mark on Twitter, must consider going through this list once. 

To Summarize

For many, this guide may seem pretty standard, rather basic, and nothing insightful. But for brands, businesses, and professionals who are new to Twitter, for those struggling to make their mark on the platform, and for those who have failed to drive engagement, this is golden.

You all must go through this new release. Click here to download the guide.