Twitter’s guide to help marketers to run their Holiday Marketing Campaign.

Do you have a Holiday season Twitter marketing strategy is place yet? This is your perfect chance to interact with your potential customers.

Festive Season can trigger maximum purchases. With Christmas almost around the corner, Twitter is here with a complete guide to help you enhance your Holiday Season marketing efforts.

This highlights the events that you can plan for, along with some of the best and most successful brand festive campaigns that you can take inspiration from.

What trends on Twitter will work on Twitter! So, the guide also talks about all the trending topics on Twitter and the key shopping dates that can help you map out how to advertise your products and when.

It is a complete kit that can help you set up your Twitter Marketing campaigns for Success.

In this guide, you will get some super valuable Holiday Marketing Tips: 

  1. Start planning early

2. Focus on your target audience

3. Be creative

4. Track, measure, and adjust

With each tip, they have explained ways into achieving that particular goal. The guide clubs all the successful strategies that work best on Twitter.

Moreover, they have mentioned the effective tools provided by Twitter and how you can make the most of them.

Plus, it is worth noting how they have given ideas on how to create impactful ads to present your products more effectively on the platform.

They have also given additional tips that are very insightful. These are some tricks that can generate massive engagement, but most people do not know about them: 

1. Share product updates early and often —  let people know when stock is limited to add urgency

2. Showcase the people behind your business

3. Use hashtags like #TweetASmallBiz and #ShopLocal to reach more people

4. Add your opening hours and last delivery date to your Twitter bio. If you have a Professional Account, you can use Location Spotlight, which allows you to display your business’ location, hours of operation, and contact methods. Don’t have a Professional Account yet? Set up your Professional Account now.

5. Using your Professional Account, turn any of your existing Tweets into an ad with Quick Promote on Android or desktop. It’s a quick and simple way to launch promotions to a large audience without setting up an entire ad campaign.

Other than that, they have also listed some popular hashtags that can bring results to your ad campaigns.

“In the UK, the biggest hashtags over Christmas 2021 were #Christmas, #Win, #Giveaway, #Xmas, #Competition, #MerryChristmas, #Gift, #ChristmasIsComing – use these as guidance for the hashtags that will likely be popular again in 2022. 

You can also expect to see lots of #GiftIdeas, #HolidayShopping, #HappyHolidays, and #ChristmasDecor.”

In Conclusion

So, all in all, this is a very helpful portal that includes a range of researched articles, links to Twitter Marketing webinars, and other resources.

As Twitter notes in its revamped holiday planning guidance, there are a variety of dates and events to consider when developing a tweet marketing strategy.

It can be a useful tool in the preparation of your holiday season marketing strategy as it incorporates all that you need to make your marketing campaign a success.

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