Twitter’s latest Workshop Series is Out 

Looking to up your Twitter Marketing Strategy?

Well, then you should not miss this!

Twitter has recently announced the new Twitter Flight School Workshop Series. These will provide you better insights on how you can achieve success for your business via Twitter.

The 2 main topics that this workshop series will cover are: 

1. “How to establish your business on Twitter”  

Now, talking of what you will learn in here, Twitter has highlighted some key pointers-

* How Twitter for Professionals features can help you to grow your business
* How to set up your Twitter for Professionals account
* How to activate an appropriate spotlight for your business
* How to tweet confidently and engage with your audience

2. “Get Holiday Ready on Twitter”

Here’s what you will to learn: 

* How to tap into the holiday shopping conversations that are happening on Twitter
* How to leverage Twitter’s organic products to help your business stand out this holiday season
* How our Twitter Shopping products can help drive people to buy
* How our paid ads products can help increase your business’ exposure during the busy holiday season

With the holiday season approaching, this can be a great source of guidance for all the marketing professionals out there who are either struggling to make the maximum out of their Twitter marketing Campaign, or are looking for new ways to better their game.

Tap here to enroll for whichever session you think is for more value to you.