Twitter is testing new product display cards within tweets.

Twitter is developing the Shop component on Professional Profiles, new product display advertisements, and other new commerce integrations.

New product cards within tweets, will better enable firms to promote new products and re-direct Twitter users to their Shop and product display listings, appear to be destined to be Twitter’s next major breakthrough in the area of online commerce.

As you can see from these illustrations provided by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is developing a number of different product cards that you will be able to link to a tweet and drive viewers to either the direct product listing on your website or the Shop on your Twitter profile.


The Shop framework offers eCommerce firms a display component where they can promote their products in a swipeable manner.

These additional card possibilities will help the app promote products more effectively, and when combined with its new product ad features, they may encourage further shopping exploration.

Plus, it is worth noting how you will now be able to create impactful promotions and present your products more effectively on the platform.

Nevertheless, this is going to provide a more direct shopping experience for the audiences. 

This clearly reflects Twitter’s robust efforts of becoming a social shopping destination app.

If done right, this might cause social shopping to catch on with a larger audience, making it more prominent in the Twitter experience.