Twitter talks about some effective Twitter Ad Combinations

If you are struggling to optimize your Twitter Marketing Campaign, then here is something for you.

Twitter has shared some new insights on how by experimenting with different combinations of ad formats, marketers can see excellent results for their campaigns.

This includes changing tone, imagery, or format type (think video vs. static image).

As shared by Twitter

“Our team analyzed over 350 brand studies containing around 7,000 unique promoted Twitter Ads. These studies ran in the U.S. beginning in 2019, and featured English Twitter Ads. The goal of this analysis was to determine the most effective combinations of formats.”

The results analyzed by the company were such that-

1. When it came to building brand awareness, the ad combinations could be segregated as the brands having a mobile app, and others having no mobile app.

For brands that had a mobile app, a mix of image with website button, video app with website button and video with website button is what worked the best.

Brands with no mobile app, saw the optimum results when a combination of a single image, image website button, carousel image with website button, and video website button was used.

The company has also shared some combinations that you may try to check which works best for you.

2. Secondly, Twitter highlights what increases purchase intent of a consumer. To support their result, the company revealed that –

“A Twitter Ads strategy that featured: Twitter Moment, organic video, and a video with website button resulted in 5x purchase intent and consideration.”


3. Last, but not least, they talk about building brand favorability.

And, the best combination, in this case, was an image poll and an image with a website button that showed a 3.2x increase in favorability.

With that said, Twitter encourages brands to use more and more tools and ad formats available on the platform.

All in all

According to Twitter, if you want fruitful results in your Twitter Marketing Campaign, then you will have to use the right combinations of ad formats.

You can definitely try these combinations in your Twitter Ad Approach. Although, these combinations are a result of a study conducted by Twitter, but there is no surety that you will achieve the same positive results.

You must keep testing and experimenting to discover what works the best for your brand.

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