Twitter Launches New and Improved Ad tools to deal with the new data-tracking restrictions

New: Twitter recently announced the global launch of a new and improved Twitter Pixel, Conversion API, and App Purchase Optimization for all advertisers on Twitter.

The new data privacy restrictions have absolutely toppled the advertisement performance for advertisers all across the major social media platforms.

With that, these social media channels are working out different strategies to mitigate the negative impact of Apple’s New ATT Update.

Recently, TikTok and Meta both released new detailed guides for marketers to maximize the performance of their ad campaigns.

Looks like, Twitter has also joined the race. The company has now introduced effective solutions for advertisers to scale performance advertising and measurement.

Twitter’s new and improved ad tools: 

One is the New Twitter Pixel. It will enable advertisers to take note of some detailed actions performed by the users. For Example – It will be able to track the activity of someone dropping a new product in their digital cart.

Twitter adds, saying –

“We also simplified our event creation process, which helps advertisers more seamlessly set up their measurement solutions, and introduced updates to our Pixel Helper Chrome extension. This will help advertisers better understand the impact of their web campaigns and provide clearer support when checking to see if the Pixel is implemented properly.”

Next up is Twitter’s own Conversion API. It aims to allow advertisers to save conversion data back to their Twitter Accounts, without the involvement of third-party cookies.

“Multiple data signals with Conversion API (CAPI) can be used—including Twitter Click ID or email addresses to send conversion events to the API endpoint and help advertisers further understand actions that people are taking as a result of their advertising.”

Finally, there is App Purchase Optimization. This tool will help advertisers directly target and drive lower-funnel actions – such as purchases.

In the testing phase of the same, Twitter noted that 89% of advertisers saw a reduction in cost-per-purchase.

App Purchase Optimization enables advertisers to deliver ads to people most likely to install an app or make a purchase by using machine learning to identify audiences that are more likely to take an action.

And, this is not all! Twitter has bigger plans!

Here’s what they might be launching soon.

  1. Twitter is planning to include Collection Ads that will allow marketers to showcase their products to the consumers, This collection will have one hero image as the cover, with 5 side-scrolling thumbnail previews beneath.

2. Along with that, they are also planning to upgrade their Website Conversion Optimization Model that will help advertisers reach more people having a higher probability of turning into customers.

3. Lastly, the company is also working on Dynamic Product Ads.  It is a new ad product that will dynamically deliver relevant products to the right person, at the right time, based on their activity both on and off Twitter, in order to help drive sales or conversions.

All in All

With all these new facilities that the company is planning to bring on board, Marketers will indeed see major improvements in the performance of their ad campaigns. 

Twitter is definitely advancing and becoming a more refined platform for brands and businesses. If it works efficiently, it can prove to be a breakthrough against the challenges brought in by the new data tracking restrictions.