TikTok’s effective Tips for advertisers: Make the most of ‘INSTANT PAGE’ 

New: TikTok has recently shared some valuable Tips on How to boost Conversions and Lower Funnel actions via its Instant Page.  

Okay so, marketers on TikTok who are constantly striving to optimize their TikTok ad campaigns, here’s something for you.

With the launch of the ‘Instant Page’ on TikTok earlier this year, the company has now shared some tips and tricks for advertisers to make the most of this page.

For those who do not know, Instant Page is a native landing page, built on TikTok, that serves as a home to all the ads that these brands wish to display. This includes videos, images, swipe through carousels, or even click on buttons to explore another destination, all without leaving TikTok itself.

And, the fact that this page can load 11 times faster than your regular mobile page, makes it a must-have for all advertisers planning their campaigns on TikTok.

With the best practices applied on the Instant Page, marketers can gain access to fast loading speeds, with high engagement and thus high conversions. 

In the informative post, TikTok adds –
“Instant Page is especially useful for informing, educating, and engaging users on complex topics where ad creatives can’t go into the necessary detail, e.g. for finance brands. With added vital information about the product and service clearly listed on the Instant Page, it provides prospective users with the necessary consideration points in order to make more sound judgments before purchasing. This, in turn, shortens their decision-making time.”

With the impatient user behavior, people usually tend to prefer having all the necessary information on one single page. 

Here are the Instant Page Creation Tips shared by TikTok: 

1. Create an Instant Page using one of our many available templates, or customize your own from the ground up.

2. Set up several different Instant Pages to test their varied effects on your selected audiences.

3. Include a broader target audience at first, then narrow it down to higher-performing segments.

4. Have at least one call-to-action button.

5. Choose a distinctive call-to-action button design that matches your brand’s style and color, etc.

6. Consider your Instant Page’s average view percentage and average view time together for a holistic understanding of the page’s performance.

7. Onsite page views and call-to-action button clicks are also major metrics to watch.

TikTok also reports that –

“Campaigns that use an Instant Page reduce their costs per acquisition up to 75%, compared to campaigns that don’t use the feature. Not only that, these campaigns also achieve a 25-35% higher click-through rate on CTA buttons within the Instant Page.  This means that out of every 3 or 4 people who view an advertiser’s Instant Page, at least one person will engage with the CTA button.”

Really helpful, if you are already using, or are planning to integrate your ad campaign with TikTok’s Instant Page. It will help you grab massive engagement, considering the stats and the lesser attention retentions of today’s consumers.