TikTok Published New Guide on Ad Tracking and Analysis for iOS

Latest: TikTok has published a new guide for advertisers to succeed with the new iOS Privacy Restrictions that require user’s consent for data tracking in each app. 

Apple made advertising on its devices a little too difficult with its new ATT Data Privacy Update.  With this, many apps and app marketers have been significantly impacted.

Meta has even predicted that this little change will cost them $10 Billion in ad spend this year.

With the new ‘Opt-in to Data Tracking’ prompt that iOS users come across before beginning with any app on their devices, now these apps will be left with lower target insights.

And so, in order to adapt to the new changes, these platforms are in search of new ways to work on how to maximize the efficiency of their ad campaigns.

TikTok in partnership with Adjust

Recently, TikTok Collaborated with Marketing Analytics Platform – Adjust. They have published a 32-page-long-guide providing insights and best practices for running TikTok Ads post iOS 14.5+.

From understanding SKAdNetwork and ATT to tips on getting the opt-in, and guidance on building conversion value schemas. It contains information on predictive analytics and creating compliant strategies that yield the best results in the post-IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) space.

The guide highlights the 2 Performance Measure Approaches on iOS – one is with user consent and the other one is with SKAdNetwork. It also explains the SKAdNetwork in detail.

They have added a lot of useful information that will help you maximize your TikTok Marketing Efforts. This includes opt-in rates, opt-in tips, explanation to TikTok’s Advertising Account Setup, App Event Optimization Solutions, Predictive Analysis and so much more…

This guide is a little too technical for the ones who are not well acquainted with the Ads Algorithm. But, all in all, it can really help marketers boost their Return on Advertising Spend.
Try integrating these useful tips and recommendations in your TikTok Ad Campaigns.

Click here to download the guide!