TikTok increase video description length – Why is it beneficial for Brands

Tiktok gives users, creators, and brands on the platform, wider space for explaining their content via their video description sections.

From a character limit of 150 to then 300, Tiktok has taken a flying leap to 2200 characters for each post.

The company explains

“This allows you to express more details about your creations, describing what your videos show, giving you the opportunity to get closer to your audience, generating more engagement while becoming more searchable and better recommended by TikTok to viewers.”
This is huge considering how TikTok is now becoming a search engine, replacing Google for most Gen Z users.

TikTok has a massive opportunity to capitalize on this with its super smart, individualized AI algorithm that will highlight relevant searches to connect to each user’s interests.

In other words, with this, TikTok will now be able to spotlight more posts from nearby businesses and events that viewers will be more interested in.

With additional opportunities for keyword matching and more room for your descriptions, its scope is only going to increase.

This will allow users to display more relevant, local content, which may greatly aid in promoting relevant businesses to interested users.

Additionally, it might also brands to provide discounts and connection choices directly in-app, making excellent use of TikTok’s enormous audience.

Brands and businesses can make the most of this new upgrade, and devise their SEO and content strategy in a way, that brings maximum eyeballs on their posts.

This makes ‘having a strong TikTok presence’, really important for all businesses who are planning to make gigantic profits from these trends.