Here’s how TikTok is celebrating FashionMonth2022

TikTok has decided to celebrate the Fashion month 2022 by highlighting fashion and beauty creators, Hosting multiple LIVE stream, introducing new creative effects and so much more.

The company made the announcement stating: 

“We are so excited to bring all the action to our TikTok community this Fashion Month and celebrate the creators on our platform who continue to shape the future of fashion.” 

The theme for Fashion Month, this season is, #FashionForYou:

An all-encompassing celebration of personal style, self-expression, and inclusivity

TikTok is promoting the idea of celebrating your true self by bringing its community a month full of dedicated programming to make their #FashionMonth dreams come true.

Starting immediately, this fashion month spree will go on till October 14. 

Additionally, they are also collaborating with Vogue Magazine for guidance from some of their best designers.

 “In this series, Vogue will spotlight 4 different designers around the world as they walk us through the making-of some of their most viral looks.” 

TikTok will also be hosting live sessions with top fashion influencers including @juliafox @hal.baddie, @lilrotini, and so many more of these.

Plus, you’ll get to learn about some new creative effects that can enhance your fashion presence on the platform.

Since a maximum number of people tune into TikTok for getting fashion-related news, queries, and recommendations, this program can prove to be a huge success.

Other than that, it is a great opportunity for all people who are into fashion as they will get insights on how to UP their fashion game.

It can be worthwhile to tune in to learn the most recent trends and how these influencers and publishers are utilizing TikTok most effectively.