7 Easy Steps to Start your Vlogging Business on Youtube! 

Planning to start your own vlogging business? Great Idea!

What can be more personal than a vlog? Videos are gradually taking over the world.

Besides, people love hanging out on YouTube!

Plus, the idea of getting audio-visuals of someone they can relate to? It’s all gravy!

The number of visitors that surf YouTube each day is dumbfounding, making it the 2nd most popular website on the search engine.

According to recent statistics, over 44% of Internet users watch vlogs every single month.

Consequently, starting your vlogging business on YouTube appears to be a great idea!

However, this YouTube journey to success may not be a doddle.

If you are completely baffled about where to start, continue reading.

Because this blog will be your passport to a successful YouTube venture.

Here is a quick guide to help you kick-start your own Vlogging Business on YouTube:

STEP 1: PREP FOR IT – Know your audience, Decide on a Niche

Live up to their expectations!

You wish to connect with your audience. And, the only way to go straight through their heart is to use the correct tone, language, and style.

  • Firstly, figure out the audience that you are trying to attract.
  • Then, think about your audience and the type of videos they’ll be most interested in.
  • Learn more about the audience in detail, to create the right kind of content for them.
  • You don’t want to be all over the place! So, try deciding on a niche that you wish to establish yourself in.

Moreover, if you are passionate about what you are creating, you will attract your audience like a magnet!

Generally, vloggers make the mistake of limiting themselves to a box. You just don’t need to niche down too hard. Maybe, decide on a number of topics and stick to them.

For instance, PewDiePie, a celebrated YouTuber, adds a variety of content to his channel, but his niche remains gaming.

It’s easy. Come up with a broad niche so that YouTube doesn’t recommend you for only specific videos.


Like any other business, this one also requires you to dig in deep.

Many YouTubers have climbed the success ladder. There’s no harm in taking a little vlogging inspiration from them.

  • You now know your field of choice! Start looking for YouTubers that suit your genre who are already acing the game. Surely, you’ll get a variety of ideas.

Take notes on:

  1. The way they start or end their vlog.
  2. The titles, topics, and thumbnails.
  3. The duration of the vlog
  4. The vlogging style
  5. The way they interact with their audience.
  6. The things you like or dislike about the vlog.

P.S. Just Draw Inspiration, Don’t mimic!

On YouTube, people buy authenticity. So, if your content is the same as millions, you won’t be able to drive traffic to your channel.

Try to keep the videos not just transparent, but informative.

  • Share things that other people aren’t sharing! Make it interesting with a dash of creativity and a hint of personal touch.
  • Apart from this, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the platform that you’re using – YouTube.
  • Learn, in-depth, about the quick essentials and the advanced features that YouTube offers. Apply them in the best possible way to grow your YouTube audience.
  • Also, look for the fine details, keywords, channel pages, technical side, audio, library, videos management system, etc.

Altogether, you need to work hard to rule the YouTube territory!


Now that you know what you’ll be doing, create your YouTube channel.

A lot of things go into it. You might already be associated with YouTube.

But, it is always better to keep your viewing account and professional account separate.

  • It’s time to brand yourself! Choose a name for your channel. For that, you may go with your own name or anything that your channel represents. Or, A blend of the two may work perfectly well, like LaurDIY, the famous YouTube vlogger.
  • Strategize the branding: 1. choose a channel icon, 2. a banner photo, and 3. add links to your social media accounts.
  •  A channel description will help your audience get familiar with you and attract your target audience. Keep it minimal, though. Adding a short intro is also a very good idea.


Ensure using high-Quality media to engage your audience.

Audios and visuals in a video are extremely important. Undeniably, a wind-muffled video is no treat.
  • You don’t have to buy the most expensive camera or the most expensive mic or lighting to shine bright on the channel.
  • Explore good quality cameras and mics that won’t be too heavy on your pocket. Again, do your research. However, a flip screen camera is always a plus.
  • Also, don’t forget that you can create some great videos using your smartphones. Invest in tripods or stabilizing selfie sticks.
  • Next, is the lighting. Try not to irritate your audience by posting unclear and foggy video content. Make sure that you have enough lighting around.


The groundwork is set! It is now time for the most important part. Create your video!

  • Start off by brainstorming the ideas and topics that you wish to showcase.
  • Don’t use scripts. Instead, interact with your audience. Try to narrate Personal stories and experiences.
  • Also, pick a signature gesture to begin or end your video and create a bond with your audience.
  • Be Confident! No one is watching you. It’s not live. Just be you! Enjoy doing what you are doing. Awkward silences and errors can later be edited. As an aspiring vlogger, you may get a little jumpy while shooting, but remember that it is normal.
  • Jot down the keywords and plan what you have to say. Just don’t over-plan it.
  • Moreover, encourage your audience to leave suggestions for you.
  • Shooting longer videos may even generate more revenue as you get the leverage to incorporate multiple ads in it. (once you achieve 1000 subscribers)
  • Finally, make the necessary edits. Clean professional editing is crucial. You may either invest in some good editors or make use of the free ones to grow your YouTube channel.


This is the most exciting part. It’s time to publish what you’ve shot.

  • To publish your vlog, you need to refine your video.
  • Firstly, choose or create a vibrant thumbnail.
  • Then, choose the titles using powerful keywords for your audience to easily reach your channel.
  • Also, make use of SEO-friendly techniques to optimize the video description.
  • Consistency is the key. After uploading the vlog, you will have to be patient to grow your audience.
  • Finally, reply to the comments. Take suggestions to improve your work.


Understand the YouTube algorithm to make money.

  • Now, it is time to make big money! A minimum of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers will make you a Google AdSense Partner.
  • On getting approval from YouTube, you can start inserting ads into your videos to earn money.
  • Also, if you want to monetize your vlog, make sure that you don’t use copyright-protected material.
Affiliate marketing is another way to make money on YouTube.

  • Basically, you need to provide links to the products that you may review or mention in your vlogs. Each product that your audience buys will fill your pocket!
  • You may get sponsored if you are a big name, if not, then you can approach some sponsors to sponsor you and earn money through it.
  • Also, you can release your own labels and start selling your merchandise with your logo when you gain plenty of subscribers. This will further help promote your brand!

Summing it up:

To sum it up, the vlog mania is touching new heights with each passing day. Certainly, it is always fun to watch the regular, day-to-day activities on the screen.

Besides, it is an amazing way to make money. For that reason, people are getting more and more interested in starting their own vlogging businesses.

Hope this blog has some valuable insights for you to establish your own vlogging business.

Enough Motivation? Get Started!

Happy Vlogging!