Snapchat introduces new features for users

Snapchat is on a roll…

Other than making its web-based platform open to all, the company has recently rolled out a number of features to help accelerate engagement on the platform.

Starting off, Snapchat now incorporates the very basic ‘Question Sticker’ on Stories that it lacked.

Where other social media apps like Instagram and TikTok already have this feature, it is new on Snapchat.

However, its usability is massive! Considering how vast, brands can go on Snapchat in terms of engagement, especially with its super convenient AI algorithm, they can really use this tool to their advantage.

Using this question sticker on their stories, brands and businesses can ask for instant opinions and reviews on their products.

Moreover, they can take care of any concerns and queries that people might have about pricing, or features, more personally now. It can help them increase conversion and trigger impulsive buying.

Apart from that, they can also interact with their audience by featuring teasers of upcoming products via stories. At the same time, they can prompt guesses on these stories.

Next is the ‘Chat Shortcut’ Feature! 

Users will now be able to prioritize their focus conversations, particularly when they are involved in a lot many chat threads.

Plus, this will prevent users from missing out on any important conversations, unread messages, missed calls and story replies.

“Our Shortcuts will also remind you if you owe a reply and show you when birthdays are coming up, so you never miss someone’s special day or leave a friend on read.”

Yes! They are also making the web version of Snapchat available to all users. 

So, for those who feel that the small mobile screen does not do justice to Snapchat, here’s what you needed. It will also be easier to switch between work and apps on the desktop version.

Finally, for the new iOS 16 update, famous for its customized lock screen, Snapchat has included new lock screen widgets!  

You will now be able to pin a Snapchat conversation right on your iPhone’s lock screen. Which will make it easier for you to directly get on the chat.

In Conclusion
These are all handy features, but again the usefulness will vary. Probably, Snapchat is famous particularly for its friendly mobile user interface, and switching to desktop versions won’t make a difference. And maybe, people will continue to use Snapchat on their mobiles only, and this feature might be a flop.

But, there’s also a possibility that people find the desktop version more convenient and easy on their eyes.

The Question Sticker feature is a very useful addition. It makes sense and will indeed enhance engagement.

The iOS widget is a fun element and would be a blessing for those who are using Snapchat very frequently.