Snapchat to provide Sound Creators with monthly grants up to $100,000

New: Snapchat has recently announced that they are going to pay indie musicians. This is an initiative to recognize emerging, independent artists for the critical role they play in driving video creations, inspiring internet trends and defining cultural moments.

The Global Head of Music Partnerships at Snap – Ted Suh, said,

“We want to support the independent and emerging artists that are driving creation on Snapchat. By providing meaningful funding and creative support, our goal is for artists to feel empowered to continue creating and pursue a career in music.”

Music from Sounds on Snapchat has resulted in over 2.7 billion videos created and 183 billion+ views. And so, Snap has announced Snapchat Sounds Creator Fund : the first-of-its-kind.

In the post, Snap revealed that they will be providing monthly grants of up to $100,000 USD to top Sounds creators. The ones who are distributing music on Snapchat via DistroKid, and driving the creation of content across the platform.

Who is Eligible? 

To be eligible to receive the fund, musicians need to be U.S. based and should be at least 18 years old. (or 16 if they have written consent from a parent or guardian to pursue a career in music) terms

They have also added that only a limited number of artists will receive the grant, and that, the music artists can not really apply to receive it. Grant recipients (each, a “Grant Recipient”) will be determined by Snap.

For now, this program is limited to 20 songs per month. The artists owning the songs that Snapchat selects will receive $5,000.

Apart from that, Popular Sounds will also get a chance to be included in the app’s Sounds product – in a Snapchat Lens or in Spotlight

In conclusion, it appears to be a great initiative of rewarding sound creators with the value and recognition they deserve.

Moreover, this will definitely empower these aspiring musicians to continue creating more heartwarming music!

Way to go!