Snapchat talks about post-shopping season opportunities for Brands

Everyone is talking about how to maximize their ad campaign results for the Holiday Season. But, recently, Snapchat decided to talk about, and provide tips on Post-Christmas Ad Campaign Opportunities for Brands.

Snapchat calls the post-Christmas period until late January as Q5, when demand for ad inventory decreases, but customers are still shopping for bargains.

Moreover, According to Snap, the Q5 timeframe keeps growing every year, offering huge opportunities for brands to capitalize on this crucial timeframe.

As explained by the company,

“As more and more shoppers are searching for better deals, early and last-minute purchases are expanding the gifting season on either side of the traditional Q4 shopping period. This follows the trend from 2021 when more than 1 in 2 consumers said they lowered their expectations for timely shipping, and 95% of merchants adjusted their planning in response to market conditions”

Along with that, Snap has shared some “golden principles” for Q5 marketing if you are thinking about the potential:

1. Diversify your ad formats.
We know that multi-product campaigns drive better results, increase efficiency and improve performance.

2. Take advantage of app installs reaching an all-time high during Q5.
Expand your targeting to reach new user demographics who might be looking for new apps for their “New year, new me — why not?” mindset.

3. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.
Use dynamic Auto-Bidding to help manage your campaigns throughout Q5.

4. Measure what matters, iterate, and optimize.
Find out what’s working with our measurement tools, test, learn, and optimize your ad campaigns to reach your goals.

And, Some Creative best practices for Q5:

1. Test (and learn!) ahead of time.
Use Snapchat’s Campaign Lab A/B testing and other tools.

2. Tailor your creative.
Seasonally relevant content drives engagement.

3. Early UVP- establish value proposition as early as the 1st second of the ad
Enhance your message takeaway with immediate value props like featuring your brand logo or landing key messaging with minimal text.

4. Adjust your messaging.
Consumers may be more receptive to motivational and inspirational language, especially around achieving or reaching new goals in their “New year, new me — why not?” mindset.

5. Align your CTAs with seasonal moments.
Inspire action for enhanced engagement.

In Conclusion

It might be something to take into account for your strategy, especially in light of Snap’s observation that a lot of people install new applications and test out new features during the Christmas season.

You can read more about it over here