Snap presents a new way to create Digital Assets for Augmented Reality


Latest: Snap has recently announced the release of its new research paper that defines a new way to turn photos and videos, taken from online sources, into 3-D digital creations.  

With every social media app making their way into the metaverse technology, snap has also decided to level up their game.

Snap is making it easier for AR creators and developers to digitize any object in the world, as long as there are photos or videos (in varying angles) available of it found in an online image collection

The technology is named Neural Object Capture and Rendering from Online Image Collections by Snap. And, it will eliminate the time and effort that goes into images being photographed and rendered in a physical studio.

As explained by Snap, “Our researchers sourced several images and videos of an object, in this instance, for example, the Nefertiti Bust, from different angles. They used the NeRoic method to digitize the asset, eliminating the need for multi-view studio capture.” 

Snap will also be presenting this new research paper at SIGGRAPH-2022, the premier conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Snap also states that – “This is a significant step towards the goal of creating a library of AR digital assets to overlay computing on the world.”

This will also contribute to metaverse shift, where people will be able to place these digital creations in their virtual environments for purchase and interaction.

Brands will be able to introduce a huge collection of the digital versions of their products for higher engagement.

Snap will also be hosting a networking event for students and professionals working in computer graphics, in the same SIGGRAPH Conference that will be held at the Vancouver Convention Center.

If you are interested, you can sign up, here.