‘Shuffles’ by Pinterest is Hitting the Charts

New: Despite being in invite-only status, ‘Shuffles’ by Pinterest has been the No. 1 Lifestyle app on the U.S. App Store.

Did you get an invitation for the new exclusive collage app – Shuffles by Pinterest?

Well, it is the most trendy application these days. So, for those who haven’t heard about it – It is a collage-style social app where users can create a digital mood board and collaborate with others on the platform.

According to reports, this new app was launched at the start of this month, and it has already been at rank 1 in the Lifestyle app category in the U.S. App Store.

Thanks to TikTok, and the young users who have highlighted the use of the new application, now, people really want to try it out.

It is absolutely hitting the charts! 


And why not? It is more creating, more interactive, more fun and incorporates almost all the tools and features that we look for in a social media platform.

You get Content Feed, Likes, Hashtags, a Search bar and what not.

This application is currently only supported by iOS, but with the speed that its craze is accelerating, it might soon widen in scope.

During the week of August 15-22, 2022, Shuffles ranked No. 5 in the Top Lifestyle Apps by downloads on iPhones in the U.S., according to metrics provided by app intelligence firm data.ai. (Source – TechCrunch)

The app allows users to : 

* SNAP exactly the objects you want using the camera

* FIND INSPIRATION in their massive photo library

* CUT OUT objects from an image with a single tap

* LAYER, ROTATE, and RESIZE objects into collages

* ADD ANIMATIONS AND EFFECTS to make your Shuffles pop

* SHARE PRIVATELY with friends to collaborate on creative projects

* REMIX other peoples’ Shuffles to put your own spin on someone else’s creation

And, it doesn’t end here.

Each element on these collages created can call for engagement as they can easily be made clickable.

You can also add links and direct your users to an online store, some outside website, or even to a Pinterest Account if you want.

Lastly, since shorts are trending across all the major social media platforms, YouTube is introducing a new chip in the mobile app that will let users search solely within Shorts clips as another way to increase Shorts engagement.

This is like a dessert for all the social media marketers out there. Their sole purpose is to interact on social media, this tool is made keeping that in mind.

By making use of those link pins and reshuffles, they can maximize engagement. With the reshuffle feature, users get fantastic opportunities for user-generated content, especially with contests and giveaways.

Users can remix and integrate their content with more content that is found in-app.

So, without a doubt, it is worth getting on the waiting list of ‘SHUFFLES‘.