Pinterest Makes Purchase Process Simpler, Shopify Merchants can Celebrate

Pinterest is now offering a better in-app shopping experience for shoppers with a new feature – Hosted Checkout. It will allow direct purchases on Pinterest and will be launching first via Shopify. 
Good News for Shopify Merchants. Pinterest’s new feature will definitely skyrocket your sales.

Pinterest has announced the launch of ‘Hosted Checkout’ via Shopify. With this, buyers will be able to make direct purchases from the merchant’s pin listings, making the purchase process simpler and faster for shoppers on Pinterest.

According to Pinterest – 

“When someone shops from a product Pin with hosted checkout, they pick the exact product they want—think colors or sizing. Then, they tap “Buy” to enter the hosted checkout experience via Shopify. From there, it’s just a matter of final details like shipping and payment.”

Hosted Checkout will eliminate the need for the shopper to go to the retailer’s website and make the final purchase. Now, the buyers will get all the relevant product details with the app itself.

People can browse, click and buy—all without leaving the Pinterest shopping experience.

This will indeed fill the gaps in the Pinterest shopping process, but will also encourage impulsive shopping.

Research suggests that Consumers seek convenience while they shop. And this feature offers a super smooth shopping experience without any interruptions caused by browsing.

To substantial this, Pinterest even performed Beta Testing, and the results were somewhat like this.

“In a beta study, shoppers who used hosted checkout on Pinterest were more likely to make a purchase. In fact, we saw a +3.9% lift in their purchase propensity and a +2.7% lift in checkouts per user compared to Pinners who did not encounter the hosted checkout experience.”

Additionally, to help merchants reach more people, these product pins will also get boosted organic distribution in places like the Pinterest home feed, search and shopping surfaces.

But, this is not yet available to all.

Hosted checkout is currently available to select US merchants who are in the Pinterest Verified Merchant Program and use Shopify to sell their products on Pinterest. Eligible merchants will see the hosted checkout section at the top of the shopping settings in the Shopify app.

With the holiday season approaching, it’d be best to tap into this new update by Pinterest.

This new feature is aligned with consumer’s shopping behaviors. And, now that people can buy directly from Pinterest, they are likely to shop more and more and more.