You can now Pin comments on LinkedIn 

How do you like the ‘pin your comments’ feature on YouTube Instagram and TikTok?

For those who find these super useful, Good News for you! You can now pin a comment inside the LinkedIn post reply box also. This can help you feature the finest comments on your posts. 

A great opportunity for all the LinkedIn users to drive more engagement and conversations.

To maintain a particular response on the top of your reply chain, you just have to tap on the ‘Pin Comment’ option via the 3-dot drop-down menu on that specific response.

If you want, you can later unpin that comment as well.

Pinning the best of your comments will also form a positive impression of you. People do look into the ‘comments section’ to get real insights, and this will be very handy as no one has the time to go through all the comments.

So, for brands, they can now easily highlight the good reviews and some helpful FAQs that their audience is searching for, in the comments.

This can prove to be a useful approach to showcase relevant conversations through comments and to thank the users who took out the time to respond to your post with a perceptive comment.

All in all, this is a new helpful addition for LinkedIn users to make the most of their posts while communicating to their network.

No doubt, this will help maximize engagement! 

All the LinkedIn users now have access to the ‘Pin Comment’ option.