New tool to generate customized LinkedIn posts 

New: The new ‘Viral Post Generator’ tool developed by Tom Orbach can craft LinkedIn-like, personalized and customized posts for you to share. 

Do you connect or relate to all the LinkedIn posts that you come across every day?

Or Let’s say you sat to write a super thoughtful LinkedIn post and experience writer’s block.

We all want to increase engagement on our LinkedIn profile, but not all of us are able to crack that art to write a story or post that is the right amount of personalized. Because, you know, that is what is “in” on LinkedIn.


Well, this new app by developer Tom Orbach is hitting the headlines, and probably all that you need to craft that perfect relatable LinkedIn Post.

Yes! You can now auto-generate your thoughts in the form of a well-organized story-like post.

How will it work? 

All you have to do is insert ‘What you did today’, along with an ‘inspirational advice’ that you wish to impart. After that, you simply have to set the intensity of the cringe that you want your post to have.

Tap on the ‘Write a Post’ and BOOM – you have a new LinkedIn post to share!

The results are mind-blowing, they are highly similar to the kind of viral content that you usually come across on LinkedIn – personal experiences.

This tool is absolutely based on machine learning. And, the many templates that this tool has, are inspired by other actual and popular thought-provoking posts on LinkedIn.

No doubt, that these posts generated seem like those real personalized LinkedIn posts. It indeed sounds exciting to try!

But, these AI tools lack originality. And, with these posts, honestly, you can not expect to become the next thought leader. Because these posts are basically ridiculous and can serve the need for comic purposes.

The essence of authenticity comes when you yourself craft a beautiful, inspiring post that is based on a real-life experience.

Well, we’d say that this is a great AI tool for those searching for inspiration and are unable to shoo away their writer’s block.

Click here if you want to try the ‘VIRAL POST GENERATOR’, out of curiosity.