Pinterest releases new tools to help advertisers spot new trends and track their progress.

Pinterest is all set to level up its Marketing Tools!

In addition to launching a new API for Conversions that will provide businesses with more Pin shopping data, Pinterest has announced an update to its Pinterest Trends tool that will give marketers more visibility into the most recent trends and opportunities.

Also, Pinterest is expanding the Pinterest Trends tool from US, UK and CA to 30 additional countries and 22 languages globally.

To start with, the revised Pinterest Trends have some new trend shortcuts on the home page, making it simpler to locate important information on the newest trends occurring in the app.

Here’s what users will get: 

1. Trends your audience loves – this widget on the homepage of Pinterest Trends allows advertisers to see what is trending with their engaged users and followers in the last 90 days.

2. Trends by demographics – the only tool that helps advertisers filter by age, topic, time, and place.

3. Seasonal trends – new trend types such as Seasonal trends help advertisers better align content and marketing calendars to when Pinners are most engaged with different topics.

The Pinterest API for Conversions offers advertisers yet another opportunity to monitor the success of their Pin campaigns.

“The Pinterest API for Conversions is a new secure and reliable way for advertisers to connect their data to Pinterest, allowing for better targeting and measurement. Through this tagless, server-to-server solution, advertisers gain continued performance visibility, while allowing for optimization on Pinterest ad campaigns. This is especially important as the industry evolves.”

This update has been devised in light of the prevailing privacy restrictions and would restrict any exchange of user information. Other than that, this will provide marketers with clarity on how their pin campaigns are performing to stimulate purchases.

Pinterest is gaining immense popularity with more and more people turning to the platform for shopping purposes. This could be a major consideration for brands to accelerate their marketing strategy.