Meta shares insights on how to make content more visible on Facebook

Meta has released a guide to help brands strategize ways to make their content more visible on Facebook, reach a wider community and meaningfully engage with fans.

It includes information on how content is distributed across the platform and insights on some best Facebook content practices.

Starting off, the company explains the distribution algorithm, that puts a light on “HOW” your content is going to reach the audience.

This will help creators understand and focus on the key elements to alter the content according to what will bring them the best results.

According to Meta:

“As a creator, it is important to understand the process of getting your content seen. In its simplest form, distribution is the Facebook process of matching users with content they find engaging, entertaining and informative.”

These are the factors that Facebook considers for making a content viral on the platform. Each aspect is important, and creators need to take logical steps into curating posts that suffice to all these considerations.

Next, it explains how engagement takes place on Facebook: 

1. Connected Distribution: Your posts are seen by those who follow you on Facebook. This is your core audience on the platform.

2. Unconnected Distribution: Your posts are seen by those who don’t follow you, but may be interested in your content. This type of distribution can come through other users sharing and resharing your posts, or from our recommendations in our “Suggested for You” sections.

It is noteworthy that Meta, in an effort to compete with TikTok, is directing more of its focus on AI-recommended content.

Unconnected Distribution can become a greater source of content sharing for creators and will also help them bring their content in front of an absolutely brand-new segment of audience.

In the coming time, the recommended content is going to multiply on Facebook. And so, brands and creators must put this on priority.

Meta closes the guide with some really helpful tips on how creators can optimize their content in alignment with Unconnected Distribution:

These tips are basic in terms of the fact that they ask creators to make original content, which is something that we all repetitively hear. The guide could have given more useful tips to provide better clarity on what can creators do differently to make their Facebook posts popular.


All in all, it outlines how you can go about on Facebook, as a content creator. Creating content that compels the audience for sharing is somewhat an effective way of getting your content seen.

Other than that, analyze your competition to know what exactly is your target audience most interested in. This will help you get a place in the AI-Powered content recommendations page.

If you want to improve your performance on Facebook, then you must take these points into account while mapping out your Facebook Content Strategy!

Read the full guide here.