Meta’s New Automation Tools for Ad Optimization

New: Meta is introducing new automation tools for Ad Optimization to help brands increase sales and drive growth. 

Meta is consistently thriving to improve its automated Ad tools for businesses to provide more relevant campaigns to the people

Now, the company is adding some new tools to its Meta advantage products (launched in March) that aim to provide advertisers with optimization, personalization and efficiency.

As explained by Meta – 

“52% of consumers want to find brands and products they haven’t heard about but align with their shopping preferences. Through Advantage+ solutions, advertisers can tap into the power of AI to provide more relevant campaigns to the people who matter most to their businesses.”


1. Meta is introducing Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns that will eliminate the manual steps of ad creation and automates up to 150 creative combinations at once.

This will be rolled out to e-commerce and retail advertisers on August 15. Advantage+ shopping campaigns uses AI to automate the campaign creation process and is powered by new machine learning models.


In a study of 15 A/B tests2, Meta discovered that Advantage+ shopping campaigns drove 12% lower cost per purchase conversion compared to advertisers’ Business as Usual (BAU) ads.

2. Meta is also working for brands to use FB and IG Shops as a place for Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns.

“We’ll then use the power of AI to direct people to the Shop or the seller’s website based on what has the highest likelihood to result in a transaction.”

This will help e-commerce brands make more conversions by directing consumers based on their past purchase behavior.

3. Meta will also give more access to these tools to small businesses.

“Small businesses will also be able to use Advantage+ creative and Advantage audience to create ads through their Facebook Page. These tools help them save time while using fewer dollars to learn which ad is performing best.”

Advantage+ creative automatically adjusts ad creative for each person who views your ad. It also creates a personalized audience based on your Page details and automatically adjusts over time to help you reach more relevant people with your ad.

4. They are updating creative options via ad manager to allow advertisers to create multiple versions of an ad that are optimized for what the viewer is most likely to respond to with standard enhancements.

They are also testing a new optimization that will add music from our sound catalog to image-based ads, creating a more immersive experience for placements in Reels ads.

These are some super beneficial additions by Meta to help advertisers maximize their ad campaign performance. Definitely worth experimenting!