Meta Shares tips for brands to improve ad performance with iOS Restrictions

New: Meta has recently published a new 21-page guide to help businesses adapt to the recent changes in data tracking and drive improved performance on their ads.

The new iOS update has ripped meta off a lot of user data, and this has negatively impacted the ad engagement on the platform.

In the wake of this, Meta continues to experiment with different strategies to recover their ad performance.

Recently, Meta has listed out a number of tips on how brands can make ad targeting more effective even with these new restrictions. 

Here are some brief insights on the ‘Foundations of Performance’ guide by Meta and how it can help you.

Starting off, the company talks about the importance of using Conversions API. With this, Marketers can optimize the use of their existing marketing data to retarget.

This will enable retargeting, measurement, relevant data availability, and better overall performance.

According to Meta,

Setting up the Conversions API gateway allows you to start sharing web and server events directly from your server to Facebook’s server. This offers a direct connection between your marketing data and Meta Systems.

“Advertisers who followed best practices while sending events redundantly via the Meta Pixel and Conversions API received an 8% CPA improvement on average”

This will ultimately help reduce the impact of the new ATT on your ad target, as all the data you use here will be gathered by Meta itself.

Next, Meta recommends leveraging Conversion Optimization.

“Conversion Optimization can help drive lower cost per purchase than Link Click Optimized campaigns.”

With this, businesses will achieve better results as they will get access to better quality data that is based on the activity performed on the website.

Meta also suggests that brands must show their ads across 6 or more placements.

More placement will expose your brand to more people, increase brand awareness and improve your overall ad performance.

Finally, Meta encourages brands to experiment with new formats for their creative, a mix of asset types—video and static images—so that you can connect with audiences with different viewing behaviors.

Reels are selling like hot cakes, and so meta recommends it highly. Along with that, the company suggests testing with carousels, stories and live.

Adding fresh and creative elements will help avoid boredom and fatigue due to the consistent ad types.

In nutshell, this guide is super comprehensive and has some pretty useful insights, suggestions and practices that you can integrate into your ad targeting strategy. 

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