Meta shares insights on its Video Distribution Method

With more than 4 billion video views on Facebook each day, people are clearly inclined more towards video content.

For brands, marketers, creators, and influencers, who keep on creating videos for Instagram and Facebook, this is going to be insightful and helpful.

Meta recently released a comprehensive breakdown of the aspects that it takes into account while determining how far your video postings will go in its video ranking algorithm. 

Along with that, the company also shared some best practices for creating and sharing engaging video content.

Here is the crux of what the company talks about, highlighting the 4 major elements that

it takes into consideration.

But, if you want details on the same, you can read the complete overview here.

‘Originality’ tops the list. It is “authenticity” that people are buying the most.

According to Meta:

“Original videos reflect the unique voice and value of the Page that creates them. They are distinctive, have material editorialization, and they consist of footage that can’t be found elsewhere on Facebook.”

The company further outlines how creators can make sure that they can make sure that their videos reflect originality.

So, posting videos that you have scripted, shot and edited yourself, is one! What needs to be avoided is, sharing duplicate content.

Other than that, you can add your own distinctive perspectives on what other people have shared online. But, resharing the exact same thing won’t take you a long way.

The second factor that Meta talks about is Viewing Behaviors and Video Attributes:

Basically, videos that pique a viewer’s interest and encourage them to stick around till the end of the video, are likely to experience enhanced circulation.

Here, they warn about making use of clickbaits, or using too many static images in your videos.

Next comes the loyalty and intent.

“When people regularly come back to view a Page’s videos, we take it as a strong, positive signal for distribution. This is especially true when we see that people actively search for your content or seek it out on video-first destinations such as Facebook Watch or directly on your Page.”

In this case, Meta advices to include clear titles and descriptions with some relevant tags. This will highlight your content more in the search results and content recommendations. Also, offering some bonus content is a great way of driving more engagement and loyalty towards your content.

Finally, there’s Engagement!

Meta now seeks to promote comments that prompt additional response and conversation in-stream. Creators can do this by triggering responses, asking questions and prompting discussions.

Plus, likes and reactions that are gained organically will also determine your video rankings.

All in all

This is an insightful review of Meta’s changing strategy for video distribution, which is essential knowledge for marketers and video artists.

While there isn’t a set way to follow all of these guidelines, it is worthwhile to think about your video approach in light of these suggestions.

Get the complete overview here.