Meta releases a Report on its Vision for metaverse

With the underlying technologies and concepts being constructed, from the ground up, by a more diverse mix of creators and experts, Meta’s potential is massive.

And So, the company has recently released a research report on how metaverse will function to serve more inclusion and opportunity.

This paper offers some intriguing insight into Meta’s expansive metaverse vision, or “the next chapter of the internet,” as Meta puts it. However, it also seems to be more optimistic than accurate.

Which, in fact, is extensive, with Meta indicating that the metaverse it perceives would include a number of important interaction components.

According to Meta: 

An array of technology companies are building products and experiences for the metaverse, and early versions of it already exist in the virtual universes of Fortnite and the photo filters on your smartphone.”

It also highlights that MetaVerse will extend beyond Virtual Reality (VR).

Metaverse will eventually be a fully digital setting where individuals can communicate via avatars and move between various

It will incorporate augmented reality (AR) glasses that cast digital information on the surrounding environment, like a fighter pilot’s heads-up display or your car windshield. The metaverse will be a mixed reality that combines the virtual and the real, exactly how shopping is currently a combination of online and offline experiences. the app offers a variety of experiences.

This will help e-commerce brands make more conversions by directing consumers based on their past purchase behavior.

The metaverse shift will provide artists from all backgrounds more chances to create businesses and careers centered around their hobbies.

Which could be true, but it is hard to predict whether such opportunities are as accessible as Meta would have us believe from this summary.

However, Meta asserts that these factors affect how brands handle the metaverse transition, emphasizing the following particular factors:

“Creating meaningful experiences designed to be equitable, inclusive and empathetic will be a key motivator for creators building the metaverse. They also seek purposeful partnerships with brands that share their creative visions. For Don Allen Stevenson III, if a brand or project doesn’t align with his values, he simply doesn’t work with them.”

Now, it is more upon brands and creators, how they will make the most use of the platform. MetaVerse as of right now does not exist. So, all this report is simply a plan on how the company is visualizing Metaverse for Creators.

Get the entire report here.