Meta’s Latest AI Chatbot is all set to get in Conversations with the Public

Meta has released its brand-new BlenderBot 3 – An AI Chatbot that improves through organic Conversations with people over time. 

AI Chatbots are quite fascinating.  They are creating mad excitement in the minds of people. On the other hand, it is also feared that conversational AI might take over the whole world.

Following the trend, Meta has recently introduced BlenderBot 3 – An AI Chatbot that learns from Human Interactions. It is designed to converse more naturally with humans, and can practically talk about almost any topic.

As more and more people engage with this AI Chatbot, it learns from the interactions and becomes better and safer with each experience.

Image Source – Meta

As shared by Meta

“BlenderBot 3 is capable of searching the internet to chat about virtually any topic, and it’s designed to learn how to improve its skills and safety through natural conversations and feedback from people “in the wild.” Most previous publicly available datasets are typically collected through research studies with annotators that can’t reflect the diversity of the real world.”

The aim of this Chatbot design is to improve its conversational skills and safety through feedback from people who chat with it, focusing on helpful feedback and avoiding learning from unhelpful and dangerous responses, says the company.

It is trained to blend different conversational skills – personality, empathy and knowledge, incorporation long-term memory, searching the internet to carry out meaningful conversations.

Meta also explained how BlenderBot 3 is certainly not at a Human Level. It is occasionally incorrect, inconsistent and off-topic.

Currently, only users in the U.S., can take up the demo. In the demo, people can react to each chat message by clicking either the thumbs-up or thumbs-down icons. The latter allows people to specify why they disliked the message, whether it was off-topic, nonsensical, rude, spam-like, or other. People can submit free-form feedback in the chat itself as well.

This can indeed prove to be a huge contribution to the AI Community. Plus, chatting to engage with this bot and discover how it responds, also sounds great fun.

If this works, the customer service process would also become much more conversational, fast and natural.