Meta rolls out Collaborative Ads to help brands reach more shoppers

Meta has launched new “Collaborative Ads”, particularly for Grocery Stores and Restaurants.

Basically, these ads will allow brands to advertise their goods while redirecting the traffic to one of their partners in the consumer’s neighborhood.

Given the convenience it provides, this is only going to increase the response rate on their Instagram and Facebook ads.

As explained by Meta: 

These ads allow local businesses and consumer packaged goods brands to create awareness for their products next to options for people to order those same products from a local delivery service. This makes it easier for you to purchase the grocery items you need or your next meal when you discover it.

Additionally, these ads will also ensure that only the products that are in-stock, are displayed with their correct up-to-date pricing.

So, when a consumer taps on ‘Shop Now’, they will be taken to the website of an associated retailer that is the closest to the exact location of the consumer. That partner will then deliver the goods.

This will not only help brands and their partners reach more customers, but will also facilitate faster delivery, which will again help them form a good impression and will get them repeat customers.

To get started with Collaborative Ads, you will require a ‘Collaborative Ads Ad Account’.

Your retail partner will share a catalogue with you that you will have to properly assess. The terms and conditions must be read and accepted through a notification in your account.

And there, you are set to run collaborative ads!

Note: You can run Collaborative Ads only through a Collaborative Ad Ads Account, not your regular one.


Collaborative ads help brands increase sales of their products and make it easy to measure and optimize the effectiveness of their advertising.

This is a win-win for both – Brands and their Partners, as they will together be able to reach more shoppers and drive more sales.

Brands and merchants can now utilize Collaborative Ads for local delivery to meet their customers where they are – on Facebook and Instagram – in light of how much consumers value accessibility and immediacy in today’s marketplace.