Meta announces the launch of a platform for the Creators of Tomorrow

Meta is expanding…

In order to make future generation content creators feel more involved, Meta is now dedicating an entire platform for them to grow on.

Meta will build with the contributions of these creative digital artists. This will also help Metaverse Monetize!

And so, the company, recently launched Creators Of Tomorrow – a space that will spotlight a future generation of Content Creators.

According to Meta:

“Creators of Tomorrow is a celebration of emerging talent from around the world who are inspiring a new movement of creative content online.”

This platform will highlight diverse individual talent across Europe, The Middle East, and Africa.

The company says that they will be helping some selected creators over the next year so that they can grow their audiences and turn their passions into professions.

It’s an intriguing display of many perspectives on the newest creative trends, which might encourage you to consider how you approach the content you create for your own social media platforms.

Additionally, it offers some very valuable insight into regional content patterns and the online activities of content creators in other marketplaces.

To empower the Creators of Tomorrow, Meta will hold unique events across the region where they will share the most recent information, advice, tools, and resources related to all of their technologies.

So, here’s what Meta has to say: 

“The Creators of Tomorrow have exciting careers ahead of them. They have been selected because they’re breaking out amongst their communities online, and showcase a best-in-class approach to video formats, technology, and interactive entertainment — creative qualities we believe will be integral to the evolution of the metaverse.”

You can check out the selected creators and their work over here.


This is a wonderful opportunity for all those aspiring digital creators across multiple countries. This initiative will help them effectively display more innovative approaches to video content and interactive entertainment across Meta’s apps. 

However, with all the criticism that Meta is receiving with all the changes that it is bringing to its existing apps, the success of this new platform is a little hard to foretell.

If Meta is guiding creators, then the content that they will produce will undoubtedly be worth a while.

But was this platform really needed?

Can’t be sure of that!