Meta: You can now post Reels from Third-Party Platforms

Meta has recently introduced the in-demand Facebook Reels API that will enable you to post reels from third party apps, like, content creation and social media management platforms.

In the past few months, Reels have absolutely taken over the social space. And, with this, Meta has reconsidered its strategy and has started putting more emphasis on Reels.

The company is leaving no stone unturned in encouraging people to create more and more reels.

This new update is another effort toward the same.

According to Meta:

“Many creators and Brands rely upon third-party tools when creating Facebook Reels, and we want to enable simplicity and ease of sharing video content from the tool or app of choice through the ‘Share to Reels’ feature.”

The 3 partners that Facebook has collaborated with, for the integration of Facebook Reels API are – Jellysmack, Social Sprout, and Wix.

Now, with the growing popularity of Reel Content, they seem to become the primary form of content. For that reason, it becomes important that the scheduling and posting of Reels are available on other platforms as well, other than the parent platform.

Plus, it is worth noting how they have given ideas on how to create impactful ads to present your products more effectively on the platform.

Nevertheless, this is going to make the lives of social media managers and content creators really simpler.

Now, they don’t have to switch multiple apps for creating and posting a single reel. Because, management of Reels is now easier.

Meta has probably released this feature, assuming that the convenience will result in more people creating Reels.

To stay ahead of TikTok, Meta has been releasing multiple guides on how to maximize the impact of Reels, effective ways to create reels, numerous data insights and what not.

But, we have also seen the negative response that the platform has got on Instagram. The company, however, feels that it needs to level up its Reels algorithm, and remains firm on its belief that Reels are the next biggest thing on the social landscape.


It can be said that each app is popular and is loved because of some unique features that it originally introduces.

If they are trying to clone a proposition by another platform, then they must really come across with something that is super strong in the sense that people are compelled to switch to their platform.

In this regard, the influx of Reels might be going too far; in light of this, it will be fascinating to observe whether assisting more brands in posting more Reels is in fact beneficial.