Meta’s added 6 new Features to Instagram and Facebook Reels

New: Meta is introducing new features like – better insights, new ways to monetize, story conversion, and more, on Facebook and Instagram Reels 

Reels have become the star surface for Meta these days. The company notes that it has seen more than 30% increase in engagement time with Reels across both Facebook and Instagram.

In the announcement post video, Meta has revealed that they are all set to add some exciting new updates to all the Facebook and Instagram Reels.

These features include: 


1. Adding “Add Yours” Sticker to Reels: Now, users will be able to paste the ‘Add Yours’ Sticker to the Reels as well. Up till now, you could add it to your stories alone.

But now, you will be able to encourage participation, and enable more interaction through relevant prompts on your Reels.

Since reels are the hot trend these days, this will definitely impact your engagement rates positively.

2. Auto Created Facebook Reels: Next, the company plan to enable automatic generation of reels out of your archived story content. With this, you will be able to showcase more of your stories in the form of reels.

You will soon start receiving a prompt – ‘Create from Your Story Archive’ in your reel creation flow.

This will also allow you to display your existing content in the form of what’s currently trending – Reels, Conversion of Stories into Reels!

Recently, meta also announced an update that facilitates the direct conversion of reels into videos.

It’s evident that reels are going VIRAL ON META!

3. Stars on Reels: This is an interesting update. A new way to monetize your Facebook Reels.

Viewers who onboard onto Stars on Reels can buy Stars and send them directly through your Reels to show their appreciation for your content.

Earlier this was limited to a few users only, but now this feature is available to all the eligible users (minimum 1000 followers over the last 6 days)

4. Improved Reel Performance Insights: With the above, Meta is also including some reel performance analytics to its Creators Studio.

It will help you determine what’s working the best based on ample and accurate data. This will include – Reach, Watch Minutes, and Average Watch Time.

5. Cross posting of Reels from Instagram to Facebook: Meta will now also allow users to share their Instagram reels on Facebook, directly from the platform.

6. Introducing the Remix Option: Competing with TikTok, Meta is launching another feature of creating a side-by-side version of a reel, to Facebook Reels.

All in All

Since reels are the highlight, they are all over the social space online. It is no surprise that Meta is consistently looking for ways to optimize it.

And so, adding these features will, indeed, provide people with almost all the features that they might look for on other apps. Thus, making people stick to platforms on Meta alone. The updates are truly helpful and worth experimenting.