Meta has recently released a comprehensive step-by-step manual on creating Instagram Reels

The Reel Fad has spared none. All the big wig brands, and influencers, try to curate the best possible reels for their audiences.

With that, Meta recently announced that they will now feed all the video uploads (shorter than 15 minutes) as reels. 

And now, to help brands create more immersive, interesting, and entertaining reels, Instagram has released a complete 12-page explainer guide on how to create a Reel and improve its overall Performance.

This will include the core essentials, some very simple steps, along with a clear visual representation of how you can create and post outstanding reel clips.

They have also added pro-tips for each step that will help enhance the quality and delivery of your reels. You will get links on each step to help you follow through.

To make it even simpler for you, they have added a very simple and concise outline of content creation ideas for your reference.

For more REAL REEL inspiration, they have also included some of the best Reels on Instagram that you can check out to take notes from.

Finally, they ended the guide with some extra resources and FAQs.

Hands down, a super comprehensive manual for helping you create standout Instagram Reels for your business.

Download the Guide!