Meta Announces New Target Audience Segments

for B2B

New: In an effort to help B2B marketers reach the right people, meta has shared the launch of its new target audience segments, including Business and IT Decision Makers

With data tracking becoming more and more difficult, different apps are experimenting with different tricks to increase the ability to reach their customers.

In a similar attempt to help marketers increase their reach, Meta has recently announced the launch of its New B2B Targeting Audience Segments Globally.

The company explains that the idea behind this, is to help B2B Marketers leverage the power of these target segments to reach key-decision makers across small, medium and enterprise business.

They have also released this one sheeter that outlines the descriptions of the groups created by them. 

Meta talks about the goal, stating – 

“With a mission to give people the power to build community, Meta is uniquely positioned to support B2B marketers in today’s world seeking to forge meaningful connections between people and businesses.

With more than 200M businesses and 2.9 billion1 people using our apps daily, Meta is a destination for B2B marketers looking to drive business-to-business engagement and establish a connection with their customers.”

This set of segments will enable businesses to tap into data insights, despite the new data-tracking restrictions on IOS.

The company is encouraging more and more businesses to test these options and maximize the impact of their messages to customers


Looks like meta has stepped into the race to compete with LinkedIn for B2B Marketing. With 2.9B people (including business and IT decision makers), who use Meta’s services on a daily basis, this will definitely attract many new brands.

This will facilitate wider reach to form stronger and significant affinities and drive more B2B engagement. It will help brands reach decision-makers directly through its apps, without having to manually put in the relevant details.