Meta releases a new virtual reality sports experience 

Meta announced the debut of XTADIUM on Meta Quest, which will allow Meta VR users to enjoy sports in a more realistic and engaging manner.

According to Meta:

“Developed by YBVR, XTADIUM gets you closer to the action than ever before by delivering 180-degree virtual reality (VR) footage in up to 8K video quality. Real-time statistical overlays that you can toggle on or off let you stay on top of the game, and you can choose from up to eight different camera angles to get the best view. You can enjoy an event by yourself or create a private watch party for your friends to join.”

It is, hands down, a terrific approach to increase interest in Meta’s VR solutions, which are now in need of some PR support after receiving negative press for months.

Since we are still very early in the VR/metaverse adventure, Meta has frequently noted that the experience it has planned is not yet completely enabled.

Images like this, however, have not been favorably welcomed by potential users or Meta investors, despite Meta having invested tens of billions in the building of its metaverse.

To experience events in a whole different way, the presentation of live sports, however, could give yet another viewpoint on the potential of VR.

Although there have long been sports-related VR experiences, this new activation might help advance the field and provide sports fans with a completely new method to interact with events, which could spur further interest in VR interaction.

Especially if Meta is able to expand its lineup to include major events like live sports. That’s a bigger ask, but it’s not difficult to imagine, for example, the NBA Finals or the World Cup in this format, giving users the opportunity to witness major events in real-time like never before.

But, currently, XTADIUM is only available in the US.

Finally, Meta also adds that in the upcoming months, they anticipate more sports material to stream on XTADIUM.

Additionally, with authentication from their preferred leagues and networks, fans will be able to purchase a ticket for live pay-per-view events or have access to subscription-only material.