Music Revenue Sharing Model Earn through Facebook Videos 

New: Facebook introduces Music Revenue Sharing to allow eligible creators to earn some extra bucks by using licensed music from popular artists in their Facebook videos.
Meta keeps on dropping new features to improve the overall user experience. And now, Facebook has leveled up its game by rolling out a super unique type of revenue model within the music industry.

On Monday, Facebook announced a new way for creators and music rights holders to earn money from Facebook videos.

How can creators earn money? 
So, basically, creators have to use music by popular and budding musicians like Post Malone, Tove Lo, Leah Kate, and more, in their videos.

Provided that these creators are:
1. Eligible for the in-stream ads and
2. conform to the monetization eligibility standards by Facebook

The content videos must also:
1. fall in line with the community standards and
2. satisfy music guidelines given by Facebook.
3. Be at least 60 seconds or longer
4. Include visual components
5. Feature a song that is there in the licensed music library.

The revenue will be divided amongst the creator, the music rights holder, and Meta, with 20% of the revenue going to the creator. Creators will also be able to track the progress of their expected earnings in the Creator Studio.

Facebook has also stated that – “Music revenue sharing will start being rolled out today to video creators globally. To start, eligible videos will monetize from in-stream ads in the US, with expansion to the rest of the world where music is available on Facebook in the coming months.”

Big news for all the video content creators out there. It’s time to polish your skills and earn big money from videos on Facebook. Get Started!