LinkedIn releases a new guide on its Collection of Ad Tools and Formats

Yet another guide for advertisers on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has released a comprehensive overview of its different ad alternatives to assist in helping you better understand which ad kinds are ideal for each campaign and promotion in the app.

LinkedIn has published a new, printable guide to LinkedIn ads, along with a comprehensive review of the ad specifications.

This is a 7-page manual that covers all the fundamentals of each sort of LinkedIn advertising, including more recent forms, a primer on the tools in your LinkedIn advertising toolkit, their purposes, and how to use them.

According to LinkedIn:

“LinkedIn provides marketers like you with a wide variety of different ad types and formats, each offering different specifications, strengths, and ideal use cases. If you can get to know how and when to use each of these formats, you’ll be surprised how many other aspects of your ad campaigns—from creative to targeting to messaging—will click right into place.”

The book also provides a detailed comprehensive of all the requirements for each type of ad and how to use each type.

There is also a useful one-pager on the top ad types for various goals:

A gist of what you’ll get inside this guide:

1. Detail on LinkedIn Ad Types and Formats

2. When and Where to use each of these formats

3. Ad Specifications and Best Practices

4. Ratio Specifications for Videos

5. Summary of Objectives

Trying LinkedIn advertisements in 2023 would be worthwhile to see what kind of reach and response you can expect.

Perhaps you simply want to learn more about the formats that are available and what they are best suited for.

These updated summaries will assist you in better comprehending the capabilities of LinkedIn advertisements and their potential applications for them.