LinkedIn Collective – A New Content Platform built for B2B Strategists.


New: LinkedIn has now launched a brand-new space for B2B Marketing Discussions, and Information sharing to inspire excellence and success.

With 82% of B2B Marketers globally believing that creative confidence is on a rise, LinkedIn decided to dedicate an entire community to B2B Strategists –LinkedIn Collective. 

This is an initiative to establish LinkedIn as a source of content that will have insights, debates, and discussions from provocative and knowledgeable thinkers in the B2B industry.

Jim Habig, Vice President of Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, recently made the announcement :

In a Blog post by LinkedIn, they explained that –

“The Collective will offer groundbreaking thought leadership and content resources informed by LinkedIn data and insights, our team of experts, and leaders across the B2B marketing industry.

With the Collective, we want to showcase what it looks like to build a content brand on LinkedIn, proper. Though we will continue to provide the excellent and resourceful content that you’ve come to expect on this blog, our new content brand is platform-first and will live and grow on LinkedIn.”

The LinkedIn Collective will also include all the best posts and recent updates by LinkedIn’s Editorial Team.

According to Jim Habig, through LinkedIn Collective, they wish to create a destination that explains and defines exactly why B2B marketing is different, how to do it well and how to move it into the future.

The Marketing Team is continually and rigorously working closely with the Product Team to create an exceptional experience for all LinkedIn Users.

This looks like a complete Marketing Information Resource and a very futuristic approach to LinkedIn. It will definitely boost user engagement on the platform and will encourage more people to spend more time on LinkedIn.

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