New Tools for your LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

LinkedIn has launched some fresh tools for advertisers to make the most of their Ad Campaigns on LinkedIn.

These include – Tools to Connect Offline Conversion Data to LinkedIn, Document Ads, Free audience insights, and a comprehensive media library for ad content management.

1. First, Let’s talk about the Integration of Offline Conversion Data: 

“Offline Conversions enables you to connect the offline conversions you track via other tools directly to LinkedIn. You can manually upload CSV files directly to the Campaign Manager or leverage a LinkedIn Marketing Partner. Supported partners include Adverity, HubSpot, LeadsBridge, LiveRamp, and Make.”

With the help of this technique, users can link offline data such as phone calls and in-person transactions) to their LinkedIn ads.

This can assist you a great deal in measuring the down-funnel effectiveness of your campaigns with greater accuracy By giving you more information to enhance return on investment measurement and optimize performance

2. Next, the company introduced Document Ads

“This new ad format lets you promote long-form content directly in members’ feeds where they can read and download whitepapers, case studies, and reports without having to leave the platform. You can choose to share your documents freely to build awareness and grow thought leadership or gate your document with a Lead Gen Form to capture high-quality, interested leads.” 

Document Ads will basically give a preview in the feeds of the audience to encourage them to download the entire copy.

Advertisers can opt for the lead generation forms available in this format to gain information about the people who are actually interested in the exchange of their content. 

Additionally, they can also keep a track of how much of their content is read and downloaded which is a great opportunity as it will help marketers strategize accordingly.

This will also help advertisers maximize engagement as members will be able to easily read and download documents without having to leave the platform.

Here’s how you can create Document Ads.

3. Other than that, LinkedIn has also decided to provide Free Audience Insights.

This will be available within the Campaign Manager to help analyze what the audience is expecting and achieve better results.

“Available for Matched and Saved Audiences, the tool generates aggregated insights about your audience based on their activity, such as the content they’ve engaged with, as well as their job titles, years of experience, seniority, locations, company names, industries, and more. Insights can also be used to optimize targeting, inform your content strategy and tactics, and discover audiences you didn’t even know existed on LinkedIn.”

4. Finally, they have added a Media Library.

It makes the ad creation process even simpler as it provides a single platform for uploading, managing, and selecting media for ad creation.

Moreover, it is also going to facilitate repurposing your content. It helps you save time, drive better performance, and improve collaboration.

You can create up to five ads at once; all you have to do is select the image or video you want to use (or re-use) from the media library and each will become its own ad. Since any marketer with the necessary permissions can access an account’s media library, it also makes collaborating with teammates within a single account much easier.”  


For single image advertisements and video ads, advertisers will have access to the Media Library during the campaign design process, but not otherwise.

These are some really worthwhile additions that will indeed help you improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy.