Increase Traffic using LinkedIn’s New Link Sticker Option

New: LinkedIn has rolled out a new feature via which users will now be able to add a clickable link, sharing resources, job listings, sign-ups, etc. on their posts 

A brand – new, effective way of driving more traffic to your assets. Just like the link sticker option available on Instagram and Facebook stories, you will now be able to add link stickers on your LinkedIn Posts.

Creative Director @LinkedIn recently made the announcement. Now, LinkedIn users will be able to add a Link Sticker on their LinkedIn Posts.

This feature will gradually become available for everyone on the platform.

Users will be able to find this link sticker option available in their post-creation tools.

Presently, you can make use of this feature only through your mobile devices. However, anyone, whether a desktop user or a mobile user, who comes across your post will be able to interact with your links.

This New Link Sticker Option allows you to add links to both, your images and your videos on LinkedIn.

There is still some scarcity in regard to the color options available to you, but the text is customizable.

As a result of this new feature roll out, brands, businesses and creators will now be able to make their content more actionable. Moreover, they’ll be able to expand their reach. This will indeed help in driving more clicks to a desired URL.