Create effective Reels with Instagram’s New Reel Ad Strategy Guide

Reels are absolutely trending…

Safe to say that Reels are the feature-of-the-moment.

And, Instagram wants you to use more and more reels.

With that being said, Meta recently launched a New Instagram Reel Ad Strategy Guide.

Now, I know that most people are already nailing the Reel game, but it is always a bonus when you have something to guide you through with some extra tips. Isn’t it?

Foremost, I want you all to know that this was exclusive only to the attendees of the House of Instagram event.  But, Social Media Consultant, Matt Navarra has uploaded it for everyone!

It is pretty much what creators already know, but nevertheless, it can be of great help.

Here’s what’s inside: 

Starting with some basic facts, features, and benefits, the guide talks about the importance of integrating Reels into your Marketing Strategy ALREADY!

Well, there’s no doubt about that. With the majority of people actively engaging with Reels, you are doing something seriously wrong if you are not creating Reels.

So, those who are not yet into it, it is time to DO IT! It’ll help you improve engagement, increase your reach, and drive cultural relevance.

Other than that, it also highlights the power of storytelling. Yes! Stories can make a huge difference. With a strong Brand Story, that your audience can connect with, you can drive massive traffic towards your brand.

Next, it talks about making extensive use of full-screen immersive video ads. This will kick out any distractions and solely put your brand in the limelight. 

Additionally, it warns you about violating the Reels UI Safety Zones, as they can drastically impact your click-through rates.

Then, there are tips that can help you create reels that are more fun, more consumable, and more relatable.

This includes how by triggering visuals, audial, and emotions, you can come up with amazing reels that people will rather enjoy.

You can add music, tunes, visual effects, and something that’s educational talks more about what your target audience is interested in, and feeds their curiosity.

Furthermore, there are tips on creating reels that create hooks and intrigue your audience into watching more…

Which I believe is super important. With a flood of reels on the platform, people are just going to swipe up to the next reel if they do not find anything catchy in the first 2-3 seconds.


Finally, there are tips for making your content more relatable by being more conversational and also collaborating with creators in your niche.

At the end of each page, there is a cool Tool Tip that is attached to a relevant link.

I find this really helpful stuff as you get to know what action to take and where exactly can you find help with the same.

All in all. Great Guide! Really Helpful! Must Read!