Instagram tests ‘Add Topics’ Feature for Reels 

So here is what’s up with Instagram.

For Instagram, Reels are thriving! They have now become Instagram’s fastest growing feature.

If you love Reels, this new feature that Instagram is working on might be of relevance to you!

So, with Instagram turning into an almost all-reel platform, the company is constantly working on new features to improve the user experience on the platform.

Recently, Industry Analyst Matt Navarra noted that Instagram is testing a new “Add Topic” feature on Reel uploads. 

This will help users categorize their content. Now that, people’s Instagram feeds are all Reels, this can be a really handy feature.

This will also help in content navigation, thus increasing engagement by reaching more people with similar interests.

If we go by the image, the logo for the “Add Topics” feature is Hash. Which again helps users find content that they are interested in.

The New ‘Add Topic’ Feature for Instagram Reels: 

With this new feature, creators on Instagram will be able to add labels to their reels – naming them, so that a certain niche is classified and is easy to find by the viewers.

This will improve the overall Reel Performance as well.


The question here remains if people really need this on Instagram 

The platform has already received a lot of criticism for displaying irrelevant AI recommended content to the viewers. And probably, this might add to their annoyance. 

However, if the company comes up with an exceptional AI recommendations algorithm that can compete with TikTok, then this can be a game changer for sure. 

For now, the news is just that Instagram is working too hard to provide users with the content that truly aligns with their interests.