Instagram’s New Guide to help you Set up and Optimize your Instagram Shops

Latest: Instagram has recently published a new 10- page guide that will help you set up your own Instagram shop and maximize its utility to reach more customers via the same. 

Instagram Shops are a popular source for both – product discovery and purchase. People can visit a shop from a business’ Instagram profile or through feed and Stories. 

The shopping tab on Instagram’s home screen is a destination for people to discover new brands, products, and editor’s picks, personalized to them. So creators might as well make the most of it.

To help you reach more customers with your IG Shop, Instagram has released a 10-page explainer guide on how to set up your shop, optimize your catalog and use product tags


Here’s a little on what you’ll get inside: 

The guide starts with the importance of catalog and product tags, followed by the procedure to set up your catalog and some tips on how you can build it.

From briefing on the size of the images and videos to alerting you about the policy violations, this segment explains it all.

Next, we have insights on how product tags work and how to actually put on a product tag.

Moreover, it also outlines how to add product tags in each Instagram content area, which includes, stories, feed, reels and live.
With that, they have also included some product tagging tips to help boost brand and product awareness.

Quite a helpful guide for you to optimize your Instagram Shops. It covers all the important aspects and information on product tags and catalogs, with all the guidance you need to set up your shop for success.

If you are a beginner, this is definitely going to help you out. If you are already in the game, then this will indeed help you improve your performance.

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